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Trend: Bow Ties

Who said fashion is NOT universal?

A new & upcoming accessory that is a must have this winter are bow ties. Whether you reach inspiration from menswear or just want to have fun with classy prints. An added bow tie can provide a new age evolution for your emphasis on fashion.

Be sophisticated & fun.


Thanksgiving Wear

Hey Dolls,

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! That means there will be a lot of good food around. When this holiday rolls around I try to keep my dress simple. Wearing tight fitting clothes makes it hard to enjoy that extra piece of pumpkin pie at the end of the meal. That is why I pick easy flowing clothes when it comes to choosing my wear for that day. Here are some outfits I picked out inspired by the idea of something comfortable but keeping it fashionable! Enjoy!

Outfit #1

Thanksgiving Outfit

Outfit #2
Thanksgiving Outfit

Outfit #3
Thanksgiving Outfit

Outfit #4
Thanksgiving Outfit

Happy Thanksgiving!



Boot's and boy's

      Boots and boy's, And no I don't mean a girl's typical fetish. I'm talking us boy's and our boots,  today men are starting to care what they wear, how we present ourselves.  Boots are on my ''must have list'' when it comes to this time of the year though I'm a boot all year round guy, gives me an excuse to stock up. So here are some awesome brands that us guys invest in. Steve Madden is my man when it come's to boots, Dior homme, lets not leave out Aldo's and Men21's department. Ankle boots, combant boots and casual boots talk about a variety.  when it comes fashion, there always seem to be a limit for guys for as far they could go, but thanks to the growing popularity of fashion, guys have taken it upon themselves to boost up their game.

Boots bring edge and mystery to a mans style, they give that ''So what I'm a rockstar'' look which I totally dig. So girls, if you have your man and you wanna give him a nice gift for the holidays coming up soon, get him a pair of boots. Trust me they won't just look good on him but definitly they'll complement you as well. So boy's you hear me, go get a pair of boots, and ladies will be chasing you, well not really. But hey remember looking cool is always a added bonus.                                 

Dani Cast


New Years Eve Outfits!!

Lets just skip over Thanksgiving and Christmas for a second...Whats next??

Today I'm just going to show you a couple of outfits to bring. Just some ideas in case you get stuck with the "What the **** am I going to wear!!"

First Outfit....

Lately I have been seeing A LOT of sequin and shiny outfits.. so why
not wear it?? its flashy and if you like attention you will definitely stand out in a crowd

Second Outfit...


Essentials for a Cold


(If this is you right now keep on reading...)

Hey Dolls,

The temperature has finally dropped in Fresno! It’s just what we all wanted right? That’s right, before we all got a cold! I know I’m not speaking for myself because I wasn’t the only one in class with the sniffles. This makes me look back and think that maybe the overstayed warm weather wasn’t so bad after all. Although I love the idea of coats, boots, and lovely scarf’s the sickness that comes along with temperature change is horrible. It is hard enough to leave your bed in the morning where your body is nice and warm.

Then dressing up when you feel horrible inside. When I’m sick it is hard to dress up without still ending up looking like chucky after. Okay, so maybe not everyone encounters this problem but something tells me there is a large percentage that does. Your nose is runny, red from all tissue paper blowing, lips are dry from the dehydration, and your eyes can barely keep open.

Trust me I know how it feels every single time that winter appears. Lets face it just because you are sick does not mean the world is suddenly going to stop until you feel better. Noooo, you still have to go out to the world (even though you don’t want too) and present yourself not wanting to look like the chupacabra. The inspiration for this post came from my own cold this week which I am still fighting against. Here are some of the essentials I like to keep handy during a cold. I hope you guys find my essentials as an incentive to look for your own.

1. When I have a cold I like carrying around face wipes. If your face tends to feel dull after a while run a wipe over your face and it will automatically make you feel fresh and awake.


2. These little packs of tissue paper are easier to carry along and look more presentable than a roll of toilet paper.


3. A quick swipe of concealer under your eyes brightens them up. It is also great to cover any redness that appears on your nose from all the blowing.


4. Nobody feels like putting on tons of make up on when they have a cold. A little bit of mascara should do the trick. Give your face a rest and don't stress about minimal things.


5. When you have a cold you end up with red rashes from tissue paper. You know, the red spots on both ends of your nose. Nivea creme is the most moisturizing creme I have ever used. Carry one in your purse to touch up when you need. It won't let you down!


6. When I have a cold my lips get dry, dry, dry! Your body will tend to get dehydrated during a cold because it is in need of some heavy fluids. Not to fear Nivea lip balm is here! I have never stopped using this lip balm ever since my lips first felt its touch. When dryness appears all you need is a dab of it and it will moisturize your lips in seconds!


When you're sick you don't want to leave your house where all of your essentials are. In fact you don't want to leave your house, but you have too. These products are what I use to get me through the day in my time of need. Of course everyone has different needs but these are just a start. Make your own little "bag of treats" and have it ready for whenever the cold presents itself.

Get Better Everyone!



Quick Recap of This Week

Welcome back Gems!!
As you can see & feel, the weather is finally making its fantastic change!
This means its that time of the year to pull out the boots, the jackets, the scarfs,
the hats, & that amazing faux fur! While popular retail stores start display the latest trends through visuals, try something new this season & visit your local thrift stores for significant fashion essentials.


New in Stores: NOVEMBER 19TH 2011

The lasted buzz in the fashion world this week was the overly anticipated collaboration between an iconic powerhouse and an international retail chain. I am talking about "Versace for H&M". The night of Tuesday, November 8th 2011, a wood panneled runway created its entrance at Pier 57 in New York; which soon kicked off the celebration of "H&M on the Hudson". The show showcased memorable designed that were recently released from the Versace capsule. The look of the night was very rock & roll themed. Various models showcased designs that included faux fur, fringe, metalic, bold prints, black pleather caps, and bright colors.

Through these favorable and brilliant designs by Versace, fashion keeps evolving. As of November 19th 2011 at 8:00am consumers of H&M can finally purchase their very own a piece of excellence for their own creations.

See You At H&M on November 19th!!!


Using Makeup As Inspiration

As I was looking at the online Seventeen Magazine I came across the Spring 2012 trends it seemed as though our everyday makeup has designers inspired. Anything can serve as inspiration that generate into ideas that could end up on the runway. Inspiration is about finding something else that is inspiring (amazing ideas, people, nature), having that inspiration breathed into you and then taking action on it. Creating, doing, and inspiring others to action. I just thought it was really creative and I immediately though of sharing this with you.




Love Natalie


Fall Must Have - Rain boots

A fashionista must, is to always be prepared for any weather. Here in the valley, rain has started and of course we don't want to ruin our amazing heels. I've seen various different rain boots on girls yet some I see ruining their shoes. I mean I can only imagine how wet their socks are. You must make sure that when you purchase rain boots they have a warm lining, something commonly not searched for when purchasing rain boots. Also if you look at how thick the calf part of the rubber is, it is a good indicator of how your body warmth will last in your boots. Rain boots don't have to be basic, they can have details showing your style. Personally I own black Burberry rain boots, with the Burberry name in a red detail on the side. I felt that it was very classic, they are extremely warm inside, and I love how the name is on a red detail on the side. Pictured below.

Some might like their rain boots to be more detailed and have some type of pattern. Here are some with the Burberry design, that some people love.

If Burberry isn't to your liking, there are also Coach rain boots, in various different patterns. I feel like many opt for Coach, it might be because of it's easy recognition of someone acknowledge it's a Coach rain boot, but I prefer something less flashy. Yet if that's your personally style go for it! Here is a classic Coach rain boot.

This fall there has been a great addition to the Steve Madden shoe collection and it's the new Tsunamii rain boot. It has the edgy biker look to it with buckles, and a red lined zipper detail in the back. If you are looking for a different rain boot that has some edge, this might be it for you.

Also for the rainy weather, a classic umbrella is a most. You always want to have at least one black umbrella being that it's perfect when you are going out and are dressed up. You wouldn't want to walk out in an amazing dress and have a pink hello kitty umbrella that looks like you stole it from your little sister. I believe the Dav umbrella is very classic in shape. It's deeper than a foldable umbrella and the handle is very retro!
Remember, just because it's raining, it doesn't mean you can't wear those fabulous heels. Just know which ones won't be damaged by water. There is always different rain boots for different styles so don't think you won't find the perfect one for you. Always try them on before purchasing because some are thinner at the calf and your jeans might not fit in them. Hope you fashionistas the best at your search for the perfect rain boots for you!

Au Revoir,